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Photo: Laura Popiel

Camera Baffle















The camera baffle that has been especially researched, designed and produced by SKPA is a valuable tool to use in photographing children with special needs. But more than that, it is also very useful to use with typical children and groups, because it is unusual and attracts attention as well as smiles. With special children, it hides the photographer's face as well as the camera from the subject. Children with autism, especially, avoid looking into the eyes of strangers, becaue it can be painful for them. Another reason for employing the use of the baffle is to hide the flash.

Sudden bursts of flash can also be frightening to some children, causing pain or a need to schedule a re-shoot. Hiding the on-camera flash by attaching a baffle hides the flash but also makes it inoperable. That's a good thing. Use of on-camera flash is not a recommended professional photographic tool or technique, because it produces flat lighting, glare and hot spots that can cause blown out areas and other nonprofessional results. It is only semi-advised when used as a fill-flash outside in bright sun to unflattering hide shadows under eyes and noses. 


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